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Turning Websites into Floating Profit Kiosks | Website England

Oftentimes business enterprisers find themselves pondering over the embarrassingly low traffic volume to their content-optimized, responsively-designed and otherwise perfect websites. The truth is, entrepreneurs often develop websites modeled on business cards and that is not a fail-safe marketing shot. You have to do more than that, and much of it should be aimed at online marketing.

Button as the Welcome Mat

Let your visitors sign in so that can receive regular alerts and updates on your site. Unless you can have them involved, there is no earning of loyalty. A visitor would take the trouble of signing up an account in your website only when they find something worth it, and when they do, it promises a second click.

Sweepstakes and Free Offers for Sign Ups

It’s a little incentive that should trigger the move. Visitors would not be kind enough to sign into your website just because. You have to give them something as a gratuity for the action. This could be something like a phone discovery session or even an excerpt from your eBook.

Email Marketing is Not Dead Yet; Instead Its Alive and Kicking

Believe it or not, but people still do open marketing emails, and even lightly read through. If you manage to have their attention, the shot has gone home. All the same, you have to be facing the challenge of making it entertaining to the eyes so it reaches the mind for an impression.

Blogging is the New Cool

And this new cool pays big time. Start a blog for your company and make sure you keep posting weekly, or at least bi-monthly. When you have the visitors signing up, you have to show them something to bring them back. A good content that is enriching and entertaining both in all likelihoods should be a traffic magnet.

Social Media to Rescue

Promote this all over the social media channels and watch